DAY6’s Wonpil Drops A Lunch Box And MyDays Conduct A Full Investigation To Figure Out What Went Wrong

The truth has been discovered!

MyDays all around the world let out a collective “NOOOO” when DAY6‘s Wonpil was shown spilling a lunch box full of delicious looking kimbap in episode 4 of their series Summer Melody.

Dowoon, Wonpil, and Young K of DAY6. | DAY6/YouTube 

Young K and Dowoon took the incident in stride, immediately sitting down as if they were just having a picnic on the ground.

| DAY6/YouTube

Wonpil, however, couldn’t believe what just happened. And he wasn’t alone!

| DAY6/YouTube

MyDays decided to look into where it all went wrong, starting with the lunch box itself.

“The saddest moment was the kimbap…”| DAY6/YouTube

They found the original product and noticed it has a locking device on the handle to keep incidents like this from happening!

| 굥도공2gyongdogong/YouTube 

So they went back and looked at whether the members had locked the lunch box before picking it up.

The lock on the lunch box was not put down. | 굥도공2gyongdogong/YouTube  

They found that it had been unlocked the entire time…

“It had been unlocked since the beginning.” | 굥도공2gyongdogong/YouTube 

…and noticed this part earlier where Young K, who packed it back up, didn’t lock it!

“Younghyun-ah… click the lock…” | 굥도공2gyongdogong/YouTube 

The members spoke about the incident on VLIVE a few days later where Wonpil still seemed hung up on what went down.

| 굥도공2gyongdogong/YouTube 

Young K even guessed that it was because the lock wasn’t closed, which MyDays now know is the true culprit!

“It must be because the lock wasn’t ‘clicked’ yet.” | 굥도공2gyongdogong/YouTube 

Fans in the comments are cracking up over the whole situation, and hope Wonpil doesn’t feel too bad!

“Oh my god.. So the problem isn’t the lunch box itself but they didn’t lock it securely 😂😂”
“Let’s just blame the wind ㅋㅋㅋ”

Check out the hilarious explanation and the full episode below!

Source: Lunchbox Incident Investigation and DAY6


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