DAY6’s Wonpil Stuns At Armed Forces Day Performance With Both Visuals And Vocals

He performed as the navy representative!

Now fans of DAY6 already know just how multitalented Wonpil is as he is a singer, pianist, singer-songwriter, composer, actor, and more. He also now holds the title for the first K-Pop idol to serve in the navy! Some may wonder why he chose to enlist in the navy instead of the army, as the navy serves two months more than the army. 

| @ifeeluforwonpil/Twitter

Turns out he chose to join the navy in order to have the group comeback altogether in the fastest amount of time. He and the other members have synced their military duty timelines so that they can be discharged around the same time, thus making the wait shorter for fans!

He recently made an appearance on KBS‘s Immortal Song as the navy representative for Armed Forces Day and shocked everyone with his visuals and uniform.


Just look at the visuals and his vocals!

His little wink while singing is so adorable.

He looks so happy to be on stage and performing!

Netizens couldn’t stop praising him for his visuals and vocals as well as being the first to idol to enlist in the navy!

| theqoo
  • “I miss you Wonpil.”
  • “Wow he went to the navy..he’s so handsome.”
  • “Wow he’s the first K-Pop idol to go?”
  • “This is crazy.”
  • “Wow he’s the best!”
  • “Why is he so good looking? Makes me want to go to a DAY6 concert!”

Aside from Wonpil, Young K and Dowoon, appeared on the show to perform for the special day as well!

It’s also interesting to note that aside from Wonpil, member Young K is also the first K-Pop idol to enlist in KATUSA. 

Check out this Wonpil facecam to check out this multitalented king!

Source: theqoo


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