DIA Eunjin Annihilates BLACKPINK’s “Playing With Fire” Choreography

Even the toughest choreographies prove to be no match for DIA‘s main dancer, Eunjin, and her dance practice video for BLACKPINK‘s “Playing With Fire” is proof.

The young members of DIA have been active in the K-pop industry for just over a year now, but just because they are in a rookie group doesn’t mean these girls aren’t amazing, especially Eunjin. Underneath her cute and innocent appearance is a powerful and energetic dancer. In a recent dance practice video, Eunjin showed off her incredible technique and form. Assisting her was none other than the group’s choreographer, Ultra. Together, the formidable duo effortlessly covered BLACKPINK‘s “Playing With Fire”.

For Eunjin to perform the dance so perfectly (and have fun while doing so) shows just how talented and dedicated she is. Check out the video below!

With her top-notch visuals and killer dance moves, Eunjin continues to live up to her name as DIA’s main dancer. Her hard work and versatility earned her an appearance on jTBC‘s Hip Hop Nation, where she performed G-Dragon‘s “One of a Kind.”

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