This Is The Difference Between IZ*ONE Sakura’s Airport Fashion A Year Ago To Now

What a glow up.

Back in 2018, before Sakura was promoting with IZ*ONE, she was active as a member of HKT48. Many fans have noted the difference in airport fashion between her time with her J-Pop group and her time in K-Pop.

While promoting with HKT48, Sakura would go to the airport without a single drop of make-up. Her hair would be all-natural, and she would only wear a mask to cover her face.

She would also wear her glasses and wear cutesy clothes that suited the AKB48 concept.

Now that she’s in K-Pop, however, her airport looks have elevated. Already gorgeous back then, Sakura’s beauty has blossomed as she sported a more K-Pop look. Now, the idol is seen wearing make-up to the airport and doesn’t always cover her face with a mask. Her hair is also done and kept pretty.

She also wore prettier clothes that suited her frame, which fans think matches her more than the old cutesy-clothes she used to wear.

She is so pretty. Her original style is pretty, but K-Beauty is amazing.

– Korean Netizen

Source: TheQoo


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