Why It’s Difficult To Work With J.Y. Park, According To TWICE’s “Talk That Talk” Choreographers LACHICA

Here’s what he told them.

It may be an honor to work with JYP Entertainment founder J.Y. Park, but it doesn’t come without its challenges.

J.Y. Park

Dance crew LACHICA—who has choreographed numerous songs for TWICE—shared their first hand experience in a recent video where they talked about making the “Talk That Talk” dance.

LACHICA | @la.chica_official/Instagram

The topic was brought up when they were asked, “When you first heard the song, what was the overall dance concept?” According to the girls, they felt that TWICE’s dance concept should be mature and sophisticated to better match the members.

  • Gabee: One thing I remember is that TWICE is more mature than cute?
  • Simeez: Sophisticated.
  • Gabee: I thought it’d be nice to have a sophisticated concept.

That led them to remember what J.Y. Park told them when discussing his expectations for the choreography. He repeatedly emphasized how much he wanted a “unique composition,” and he said exactly what he wanted to avoid. Rian, however, felt that it was easier to choreograph when knowing what he had in mind.

  • Simeez: JYP always says this. Unique composition. JYP always tells us the details. He specifically tells me what kind of composition he wants to avoid.
  • Rian: But isn’t that more comfortable?

In contrast, Gabee explained that even if he wasn’t directly involved in the process, he was difficult to work with because he demanded many “unique” things.

Things you should never do. There are parts where the composition should be included, like obvious formation. He doesn’t get involved in it, but he demands a lot of things that are a little bit unique overall.

— Gabee

And to drive her point home, the sentence, “It’s hard…” flashed on the screen.

In the same video, LACHICA dished on why they have never meet TWICE in person, even if they are responsible for many of their choreographies. Check out their answers in the article below.

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