K-Pop Groups Like TWICE Never Meet Their Choreographers—Here’s Why, According To Dance Crew LACHICA

“I’ve never taught anyone. I’ve never seen a face.”

One of the most essential parts of a K-Pop performance is the choreography, but did you know that many groups never meet the choreographers of their songs? Popular dance crew LACHICA talked all about their experience in a recent video.


LACHICA is most recognizable for participating in Mnet survival show Street Woman Fighter, but they’ve choreographed numerous songs for K-Pop groups like JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE! In fact, they recently made the dance for TWICE’s “Talk That Talk” comeback, which they discussed on their YouTube channel.

One of the questions they answered was, “Is there a difference in teaching girl groups?” Rian revealed that she has never met any K-Pop idol in person, not even to teach them the dance. “I’ve never taught anyone. I’ve never seen a face,” she said.

Simeez noted how “ironic” it is because they’ve choreographed many of TWICE’s dances but have yet to meet them. She replied, “That’s ironic. We’ve done a lot of TWICE choreography, but we’ve never met.”

But unlike the other two, Gabee was lucky enough to at least meet one member of the girl group—Nayeon. The two previously guested on Lee Yong Jin‘s YouTube show Yongjin’s Health Center together. She described having a “feeling of closeness” and “inner intimacy” with her. It may have been their first time seeing each other, but it was as if they had known each other for a while!

Nayeon appeared to have felt the same way because she immediately recognized Gabee as being the choreographer of many of their dance moves.

I met NAYEON once while doing a content. There was a feeling of closeness. Inner intimacy. ‘Oh, it’s that person. The choreographer who made our choreography. We’ve got a lot of LACHICA dance moves.’

— Gabee

But why do K-Pop groups rarely meet their choreographers? Gabee explained that they are contacted by the group’s company to make a dance and film a demo. The company then picks the moves that they like, and the members learn it on their own. Because the idols are already skilled dancers, they don’t need the choreographers themselves to be there to teach them.

We film a demo and send it, but we don’t have a lot of time. We have to call dancers and practice too. We need some time for that.

— Gabee

Nayeon | JYP Entertainment
Mina | JYP Entertainment

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