Disband Or Renew? MAMAMOO’s Contract May Expire This Week—Here’s What Fans Think

Could this be the end of MAMAMOO, or is it just a new beginning?

Fans believe MAMAMOO‘s contract with agency RBW is due to expire this week, but neither the group nor the company have made any official statements regarding it. Here’s what MooMoos have to say about whether the group will renew their contracts or leave the agency and potentially disband.

While MAMAMOO made their official debut with “Mr. Ambigious” on June 18, 2014, their first single was actually released much earlier.


On January 8, 2014, MAMAMOO was part of a collaboration with Bumkey, titled “Don’t Be Happy”. They went on to release two more collabs before making their official debut. As such, many fans are convinced that the group’s contract is due to expire on January 8, 2020—seven years after their first official activity.


However, January 8 is just days away, and both MAMAMOO and RBW are yet to give any confirmation on whether the members will renew their contracts or leave the agency, potentially facing disbandment.


That said, many fans think they already know the answer to whether MAMAMOO will renew or disband.

Over the years, many MooMoos have complained that RBW fails to properly manage MAMAMOO. Fans cite lack of promotion, poor scheduling, and a lack of focus on international listeners as some of the reasons why the group may do better under another company.

On top of that, all four members already have burgeoning solo careers underway. Solar released her first single, “Spit it Out”, in April last year.


Last year, Moonbyul released both a mini-album (Dark Side of the Moon) and a repackage (門OON).


Wheein has released several singles and collaborations in recent years, including a successful OST for popular K-Drama Hospital Playlist in 2020.


And Hwasa has become one of the highest-charting soloists of her generation, peaking at no.2 on Gaon with recent hit “María”.


Often, when artists begin flourishing in their individual paths, there’s less reason for them to stay together as a group. That said, the recent general consensus from fans online indicates that most people expect MAMAMOO to renew their contracts—but why?


For one, MooMoos agree that the MAMAMOO members enjoy an unprecedented level of freedom under RBW. The agency’s co-CEO, Kim Do Hoon, once revealed that he lets the members decide when they want to take vacations, when they want to work on solo music, and more.

On top of that, MAMAMOO already have confirmed projects and schedules taking place after the alleged January 8 renewal date. The group is set to appear at the Golden Disc Awards on January 9, while Wheein and Moonbyul both have upcoming music releases.

Plus, even some fans who aren’t pleased with MAMAMOO’s promotion agree that better things could be coming on the horizon. A contract renewal gives the members the freedom to negotiate better terms. Rumors have also surfaced regarding the possibility of Big Hit Entertainment acquiring RBW, which could give MAMAMOO access to better resources.


Fan opinions aside, what do the members themselves think? While they haven’t made any official statements recently, Solar and Moonbyul did discuss the possibility of contract renewal in a live broadcast last September.

| @RBW_MAMAMOO/Twitter

Solar revealed that “the members all love being together“, so they needed to talk more about whether they’d be staying together as a group. But ultimately, Solar told fans that it’s important for MAMAMOO and MooMoos to spend time together well, since there’s no telling what may come in the future.