A Korean Subway Ad Against Dog Plastic Surgery Goes Viral For Its Controversial Delivery

“I bet foreigners who will look at the ads will misunderstand…”

Recently, an advertisement appearing in a Korean subway is drawing attention for its shock value. Seemingly promoting plastic surgery for dogs, the true message behind the ad requires passersby take a closer look to discover that it’s actually an educational poster against the practice.

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The ad seemingly promotes clipping a Corgi’s tail.

Appearing like an ad for dog plastic surgery, it shows the before and after photos of dogs who have undergone various procedures like tail and ear clipping.

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The ad shows a before and after of altering a Doberman’s ears.

However, the QR code on the bottom right corner will lead to a page with information about the harsh realities of dog plastic surgery. It discusses the harmful effects caused by clipping a dog’s ears or tail to achieve a desired look.

Many people may be unaware of how Doberman, Corgi, and other dog breeds naturally appear.

The educational message ends with a plea to refuse these procedures for your own pet.

Please love them the way they are born.

While the intention of the advertisement is educational and sends a positive message, netizens are torn with the delivery.

  • “I think I know their intentions, but I don’t know how many people will actually take a picture of these ads. I feel like a lot of people will see this at Apgujeong and think that this world has a lot of crazy bast*rds and that we even have dog surgeries now”
  • “I bet foreigners who will look at the ads will misunderstand, is this really a good idea..?”
  • “But how many people will actually shoot these QR codes? You can tell that this is a failed ad”
  • “This will just reinforce the idea to foreigners that we’re the country of plastic surgery”
BTS‘s Jungkook was praised for not clipping his Doberman Bam‘s ears. | JTBC In The Soop

However, some netizens believe that the target audience is for those who are looking to perform procedures on their dog and can understand the effects after scanning the QR code.

Huh? I actually think this idea is effective. This ad isn’t for letting commoners know about the dangers of cutting a dog’s tail. It’s actually for the people who are planning to get surgery for their dogs and who will actually shoot the QR code. I bet the people who are actually planning to get the surgery for the dog will be enticed by the ad and the fact that this is even controversial means that the ad was successfulㅋㅋㅋ

— Netizen

A Doberman with cropped ears versus one without | Jen B/Unsplash and Kinshuck Bose/Unsplash

Additionally, the traction it’s gaining online for it’s unique delivery is allowing it to go viral and educate more people on the cause, making it a success.

A Corgi with its naturally long tail. | Jarrel Ng/Unsplash

Check out more on the realities of altering your pets and celebrities like BTS‘s Jungkook who took a stand against this below.

BTS’s Jungkook Earns Praise For Not Having His Doberman’s Ears And Tail Cut

Source: theqoo