“Dr. Cha” Second Lead Actor Min Woo Hyuk Is Actually A Married Man… To A First-Gen K-Pop Idol

He’s also a father of two children!

K-Drama Dr. Cha offers all that a hit series can offer: Love, hate. Betrayal, revenge. Heartbreaks, growth. And, of course, a hot second lead to leave us hooked.

“Dr. Cha” | JTBC

Actor Min Woo Hyuk, for the role of Dr. Roy Kimberly, has viewers swooning: He’s successful, smart, and sweet. And while Min is well-known to the Korean musical theater audience, he is somewhat “new” to television—meaning, he’s gaining a whole new group of fans falling for his charms!

That being said, one thing that surprises Min’s newer fans the most is the fact that he’s a married man and a father of two children! In fact, his wife is also from the K-Entertainment business: Former K-Pop idol and show host Lee Semi!

Former LPG member Lee Semi | Lee Semi’s Cyworld

In 2009, Lee Semi debuted as part of the second generation of the “semi-trot” genre girl group LPG. Boasting her singing skills, as well as her gorgeous looks, Lee Semi was a fan favorite between 2009 to 2012.

Then, when the group became inactive around 2012, Lee Semi and Min Woo Hyuk tied the knot! LPG had one more “generation” before eventually disbanding in 2016. As for Lee Semi, she started working as a home shopping show host in 2013.

Lee Semi and Min Woo Hyuk’s wedding photo. | Money Today

In 2015, the couple welcomed their first child—a son: Park Yi Deun. Then, in 2020, the couple gave birth to a girl, Park Yi Eum. Both children were revealed to the public as the couple appeared on The Return of Superman in 2020.

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