Dreamcatcher Dami’s Interaction With InSomnia In Wheelchair Showcases Her And The Group’s True Personalities

Dreamcatcher loves their fans!

On June 4, Dreamcatcher performed at the 2022 Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, Spain.

The seven-member group gave a high energy performance…

…and took time to interact with InSomnia at the venue.

Dreamcatcher at Primavera Sound Festival | @hf_dreamcatcher

In one heartwarming moment from the event, Dami danced and waved to festival attendees as they chanted her name.

Then, Dami suddenly noticed an InSomnia in a wheelchair.

InSomnia at the 2022 Primavera Sound Festival |@Dylart_/Twitter

She quickly ran over to greet the InSomnia and hold their hand.

Dreamcatcher’s Dami holding hands with InSomnia | @suaismywife3/Twitter

Soon after, Dami gestured for the rest of the Dreamcatcher members to run over, greet the InSomnia, and take a group selfie with them.

Dreamcatcher members greet InSomnia | @suaismywife3/Twitter

Online, InSomnia were moved by Dami and the Dreamcatcher members’ act of kindness.

True Personalities