The Touching Reason Dreamcatcher’s JiU Wants To Protect Dami At All Costs

“I’m just worried she might be…”

As the leader, Dreamcatcher‘s JiU is always looking out for all the members but wants to pay a bit more attention to Dami for a touching reason.

Dami and JiU.

During the group’s appearance on Weekly Idol, a fan asked JiU which member she would “protect at all costs.

Making the other members just a bit jealous, JiU chose Dami with a back hug. She had a heartwarming reason for her choice.

Since the other members are vocal about their thoughts and feelings, JiU worried that Dami was bottling up her emotions.

Dami does open up to us a lot, but she only shares when we ask her. I’m just worried she might be going through things alone.

— JiU

JiU also pointed out how considerate Dami is of others. She added, “Dami generally doesn’t complain about anything.

SuA agreed, “Dami is a positive person all the time, so that makes me curious.

No matter what Dami was feeling, JiU wanted to protect her. JiU said, “I want to let her know she can lean on me.

Although Dami admitted she wasn’t going through as many struggles as they thought, at least JiU is prepared to be the support she needs. Sometimes it’s the most cheerful people that are going through a lot.

| Dreamcatcher/Naver

Watch JiU be the kindest leader by wanting to protect the cheerful and quiet Dami.