Dreamcatcher’s Fans Love Them So Much, They Were Willing To Make A Great Sacrifice

The way InSomnia loves Dreamcatcher is so pure!

Dreamcatcher has an incredible fan base known as InSomnia who ride or die for the girls, celebrating their every accomplishment.

But, in a true show of how much they love Dreamcatcher and support every single member following their dreams when it was revealed that Handong would be joining Idol Producer (renamed Youth With You) they were, understandably, concerned about her having to leave Dreamcatcher or take an extended hiatus… But they committed to supporting her nonetheless.

It will be hard for us InSomnia to support her knowing the fact that if she does make it to the debut group she’ll probably leave Dreamcatcher (or take a very long hiatus to be optimistic). However, her making it to the debut group is very big for her career. Seeing her succeed and make it big, albeit in another group, is more than enough reason for me to be holding this pain. I hope the majority of InSomnias realize this and fully support her, though I can understand if some have a hard time doing so.

Whatever happens, I will forever like Handong! And she will always be part of Dreamcatcher!

—Reddit user Marjoraei

If we don’t give her support, who will? It’s up to us to support Handong on this journey. Since she’s making all of us proud, we should make her feel proud too 🙂

—Reddit user SpideyCyclist

They didn’t just talk about supporting Handong. They really did their best to rally together to help her as much as they could.

InSomnias didn’t just support Handong until the end of her Youth With You 2 journey, they welcomed her back to Dreamcatcher with (relieved) open arms and were thrilled to have the group back as OT7.

To say it was touching to see how much Dreamcatcher fans supported Handong, despite knowing that her winning Youth With You 2 may have led to her becoming an inactive member of the group, they were willing to do everything they could to make sure they supported her dream.

Source: Reddit