Dreamcatcher Celebrates Three Years, Fans Come Together To Celebrate #HAPPY_DREAMCATCHER_DAY In Incredible Ways


Although Dreamcatcher has been around since 2014 after originally debuting as MINX, they are officially celebrating their three year anniversary in their current iteration, which saw them re-debut in 2017.

In celebration, their company, Dreamcatcher Company (formerly known as Happyface Entertainment) released a special graphic for their anniversary.

Source: @hf_dreamcatcher/Twitter

It’s not just their company, who rebranded in 2019 to show their support for the girls, celebrating their milestone. Loyal Insomnia (Dreamcatcher’s fanbase) have been finding their own ways to celebrate as well. According to fansite 7 DREAMERS, Dreamcatcher re-entered Billboard‘s “Next Big Sound” chart at number 7!

There was also an influx of Dreamcatcher fanart shared on Twitter by their talented fandom!

Some fans, like Twitter user @Carol__Bonato shared memories of being an Insomnia. In her case, sharing her experience of how being an Insomnia and stanning Dreamcatcher changed her life.

Of course, with a fanbase as thoughtful as Dreamcatcher’s, it goes without saying that they also donated to charity in the group’s name! 7 DREAMERS donated ₩600,000 (roughly $520 USD) to the Korea Association for Suicide Prevention!

If you don’t stan Dreamcatcher yet, why not use their third anniversary as a reason to get to know them and find out why Insomnia are so supportive of them. They are fun, funny,  unafraid of being themselves, and whew, can they ever sing!

Check out their latest release “Deja Vu” below: