Dreamcatcher’s Yoohyeon Is The World’s Cutest Cinnamon Roll At Fansign Event

Dreamcatcher has an edgy, horror concept so seeing Yoohyeon like this is refreshing!

Dreamcatcher, a seven-member girl group, best known for their dark, nightmare concept and their horror-themed music videos which tell a continuous story.  Casual fans of the group are most familiar with their edgy, sometimes eerie, other-worldly appearances.

After all, it’s not every day you see a K-Pop idol singing among a skin-crawling amount of spider webs!

But during a fansign event on September 29, the group was able to show off different sides of their personalities. In this case, we focus on group member Yoohyeon, who is pictured above being extra spooky, being an adorable, soft cinnamon roll.

Posing coyly while wearing fuzzy bear ears and a plush puppy on her shoulder, Yoohyeon looks like the ultimate girl-next-door.

If you thought she couldn’t take the level of cuteness to the next level, brace yourself for the shock of your life…

… Because she totally did it! With her bright, cheerful smile Yoohyeon exudes wholesome feel-good vibes that you can’t help but fall in love with.

Hardcore Dreamcatcher fans, known lovingly as inSomnia, know their favorite girls are more than their famous nightmare concept—they’re fun, funny, lovable dorks who love their fans more than anything—but it’s nice for everyone else to see the other side of Yoohyeon that fans know well.