Eagle-Eyed Fans Notice BLACKPINK Jennie’s Newest Accessory Is Likely A Gift From Jisoo

So very cute!

Fans recently pointed out that BLACKPINK‘s Jennie was likely the recipient of a special gift from Jisoo!

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BLACKPINK have continued the Asia leg of their Born Pink world, recently completing two nights of shows in Jakarta. During soundcheck at these, Jennie was wearing a bandaid under her cheek.

As of late, Jennie has been wearing the “accessory” for its functionality rather than for fashion after injuring herself while working out. Despite that, Jennie’s under-eye bandaid has become a trend, as things often do with the idol!

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The group put on an amazing show in Jakarta, dazzling fans with fantastic performances of all their hits, but here was one detail that stood out to fans immediately.

During the show, Jennie’s normally flesh-toned bandaid had been changed out for one with some pattern.

After closer inspection, it was shown that Jennie was wearing a Hello Kitty-designed bandaid!

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

While Jennie is no stranger to wearing cute things, the BLACKPINK member most known for her obsession with Hello Kitty is Jisoo, leading fans to believe she gifted Jennie the bandaid!

This belief was further pushed when during the show, Jisoo came up to Jennie and pointed at the bandaid before pointing at herself. Jennie even posted a clip of this moment to her Instagram story!

Jisoo must have gifted Jennie plenty of bandaids, as she was seen wearing another Hello Kitty bandaid during the group’s concerts in Kaohsiung.

We want Hello Kitty bandaids from Jisoo too!


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