Here Are The Early Works By The Young BTS’s RM Who Wanted To Become A Poet

Open to interpretation.

BTS‘s RM, as a wee-little 5th grader Kim Nam Joon from Baekshin Elementary School, used to be in charge of managing the class’s online forum site. His leadership peaked early on, so it seems!

And it was on this site where he shared two of his original poems he had written, as a young aspiring poet. While the actual meanings behind these poems are up for interpretation, one thing is for sure: He most definitely had the talent!

Young RM

On May 19, 2005, he shared the first one, written for a competition as he revealed — and it is an extremely patriotic and passionate piece titled, “The Korean Tiger and Reunification”.

[Baekshin 5-5: Share Your Thoughts] My poem (for the competition) “The Korean Tiger and Reunification”

Not a small rabbit, but an intimidating tiger. The tiger broke his back. This tiger’s broken back makes him whimper and gives him endless pain. China, Japan, and the US all looked down on us, calling us a rabbit and not a tiger. But when the tiger’s back heals clean, the world will not be able to look down on us anymore. The South will resemble the North and the North will resemble the South. When the two colors on the flag mix to become purple in unity, the 70 million citizens will become one and look up at the sky with hands in hands. The day will come. With each step we take, we get closer to reunification. We’re not a small rabbit, but a brave tiger. We may not be together, but we are looking up at the same sky. The 70 million citizens are one with the tiger, walking forward one step at a time. Like this, we all walk toward reunification…

Please let me know if you think I should fix something! ^^

— RM

Then on July 20, 2005, RM shared his second — and slightly more melancholic — poem, “A Leaf”. In this post, he kept reassuring his classmates that his work is indeed original!

[Baekshin 5-5: Let’s Talk] My original poem – “A Leaf” 100% By Kim Nam Joon (I swear with everything I have)

Today, with a face of despair, I walked by the maple trees at the park. I walked with my head dropped low when a leaf fell from the tree at my feet. The wind swept it away. And I stepped on it. A mysterious, unknown force pushed me. I fell. That year, that leaf I stepped on. That leaf stood for my childhood and my happiness which got slowly washed away and crushed under the stereotypes I had. A crushed leaf. It showed the brutality of how I have come to look like a different person, and not who I am inside.

I hope you believe that I wrote this, okay?

— RM

Upon coming across these old-but-gold RM history, ARMYs are dropping all their UWUs at adorable young poet Nam Joon!

  • “This is so cute, it is driving me crazy T-T”
  • “Whoa, he wrote these poems in 5th grade??? He was such a smart boy.”
  • “No way… What kind of a school did he attend, with 5th graders writing original poems and providing feedback for each other and stuff? Lmao.”
  • “I can sense his smarty-pants-ness from his writing, LOL. He’s f*cking adorable.”
  • “Wow, in 5th grade…? He was born different.”
  • “What in the world is this… WHY IS HE SO CUTE T-T”

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Source: THEQOO