An ENHYPEN Fansite Master Took It To Another Level With aespa’s Karina Content For April Fool’s Day

Fans want her to become a Karina fansite too!

It’s that time of year K-Pop fans! Time for us to be blessed with a flood of super high-quality photos of our faves from some of the top fansite masters! An ENHYPEN’s Jungwon account, in particular, gained much attention for its amazing photos of aespa’s Karina. Let’s take a look below!

She looks adorable with her pom-pom hairstyle!

Goddess in white

Spring fairy magic!

Our forever queen Karina

Not only was the fansite talented in photos, but also for fancams! They posted two fancams, “Girls” and “Illusion,” and had Karina fans going crazy.

Karina fans were head over heels for all this content!

Source: theqoo


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