ENHYPEN’s Heeseung May Be The New King Of Spoilers And Here’s Why

Sunghoon: “Heeseung, NO!” ENGENEs: “Heeseung, YES!”

In every K-Pop group, there’s a member that fans will refer to as the “Spoiler King” or “Spoiler Queen” – someone who is known for accidentally (well, maybe not-so-accidentally) giving out hints about what the band is doing next.

For BTS, it’s RM. For TXT, it’s Hueningkai. And now, ENHYPEN can finally say that they have a “Spoiler King” of their own: Heeseung!

| Weverse Magazine

During a recent live stream, both Heeseung and fellow member Sunghoon were asked if they could reveal any spoilers to the ENGENEs who are excitedly waiting for their next comeback. While Sunghoon seemed reluctant to go into even the slightest of details about ENHYPEN’s new music, Heeseung had a different opinion regarding.

Sunghoon: Can we spoil the next comeback…? We’ll be in trouble if we do. We’ll be summoned upstairs.

Heeseung: Maybe a super short one?

Sunghoon: A super short one?

밀고 당기는 방송 | ENHYPEN/VLIVE

Then, Heeseung begins to blurt out little tiny noises, which ENGENEs presume have at least some kind of resemblance to ENHYPEN’s new album considering Sunghoon’s panicked reaction!

Heeseung: (Makes a sound)

Sunghoon: NoooOooOoOOOo! No, no. We really can’t.

Heeseung: (Makes more sounds)

Sunghoon: Heeeeey stop, stop, stop.

This isn’t the first time that Heeseung has spilled the beans, either! A few days ago, ENGENEs were first made aware that ENHYPEN is currently working on their comeback because of a Weverse comment he made! When a fan asked what his favorite song is right now, he simply stated “Maybe new songs of enhypen :)”

What do you think we may hear from Heeseung next?