ENHYPEN’s Heeseung Picks The Most Handsome Member

They’re all handsome, but one suited his taste best.

The members of ENHYPEN have such different charms and visuals that anyone could fall for them, even the members themselves.

ENHYPEN | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

During the group’s interview with Tokopedia, Heeseung revealed which member’s visuals he couldn’t resist.


The interviewer asked Heeseung which member he thought was the most handsome. Rather than showing off his confidence by choosing himself, he chose another.

Keeping in mind that everyone has different tastes, Heeseung picked the member who suited his best.

He chose none other than Sunghoon, which caused ENGENE to joke about how “whipped” he was for him.

Heeseung can’t help it if he has a soft spot for Sunghoon. Now he’s made everyone curious about who the other members would’ve chosen.

Sunghoon and Heeseung. | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter
Source: Twitter