ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Spills On The First Time He Felt Famous

It took his members a while to guess his answer.

ENHYPEN recently did an interview on Vanity Fair‘s YouTube channel where they tested how well they knew each other.

Each member answered a question, and then the rest of the other members tried to guess their answers.

For instance, Heeseung spilled on the item he couldn’t live without

Heeseung | Vanity Fair/Youtube 

Jungwon revealed something that never fails to make him laugh

Jungwon | Vanity Fair/Youtube 

And Sunghoon shared not only his favorite physical feature

Sunghoon | Vanity Fair/Youtube 

Another question Sunghoon was asked was when was the first time that he realized that he was famous.

| Vanity Fair/Youtube 

Although Jungwon was confident in his initial guess…

I think I know. When you’re out shopping and people recognize you. When you’re out.


Jay and Jungwon | Vanity Fair/Youtube 

It wasn’t correct, even though Jake admitted that it was something he’d experienced before.

That happened with me once.


(top, left to right) Ni-ki, Heeseung, Sunoo, (bottom, left to right) Jake, Jay, and Jungwon | Vanity Fair/Youtube 

And in fact, all the members struggled to try and find the correct answer, suggesting lots of plausible options.

Jungwon: When a cafe event happened for your birthday.

Jake: When we won first place in a music program.

Jay: Music Bank

Sunghoon: With things like that…

Jay: Becoming an MC for Music Bank.

Sunghoon: It’s not anything massive like that.

| Vanity Fair/Youtube 

But Sunghoon explained that the answer he chose wasn’t such a monumental event.

Jungwon: Something smaller in daily life… When your parents tell you that their friends have seen you and reached out.

Sunghoon: Nope.

Jay: When you’re trending on Twitter.

Sunghoon: I think this will be hard to guess.

| Vanity Fair/Youtube 

So he tries to help his members again by letting them know that his answer is kind of funny.

It’s kind of a funny one.


| Vanity Fair/Youtube 

But when his members still fail to guess,

Jake: When your parents ask for your signature.

Jungwon: Is it a funny answer?

Sunghoon clarifies that it’s kind of funny but realistic.

Sunghoon: I think it’s sort of funny, sort of not.

Jake: When you got a discount for something.

Sunghoon: Nope. Should I reveal it?

| Vanity Fair/Youtube 

And even though Sunghoon tries just to tell his members the answer, they refuse to stop guessing.

Jake: We’re going to get it.

Ni-ki: When you bought something expensive.

| Vanity Fair/Youtube 

So Sunghoon gives his members a big clue that the specific moment he’s thinking of relates to their current situation.

Sunghoon: It’s something that could feel current.

Jungwon: It’s something recent?

Jake: Doing an interview with Vanity Fair.

Jay: When you see a lot of cameras.

| Vanity Fair/Youtube 

And Jake actually got the correct answer. Sunghoon excitedly shared that being interviewed by Vanity Fair is the first time he considered feeling famous.

Jake got the answer. This very moment.


And Sunghoon understandably argues that to be featured on Vanity Fair‘s YouTube channel, it must mean that ENHYPEN is reaching a new level of popularity, which is why he chose that particular moment.

Being on this program means that we must be experiencing some popularity. I love you [Vanity Fair].


| Vanity Fair/Youtube 

And, certainly, with their recent accomplishments, ENHYPEN is definitely popular, although they are sure to only increase in popularity as they continue to have amazing comebacks.

You can read more about ENHYPEN’s interview with Vanity Fair here.

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Source: Vanity Fair