Epik High’s Tablo Called BTS’s Suga To Ask Something But RM Answered Him Instead

This is the chaotic friendship the world always needed.

Epik High’s Tablo is all set to guest on the upcoming episode of Suchwita, BTS member Suga’s YouTube show. The relationship between the two artists has evolved into a wholesome friendship over the years, and sometimes they have been generous to share some behind-the-scene stories of their friendship with fans.

Suga with Epik HIgh | @blobyblo/Instagram

But it’s not just Suga that Tablo is close to. RM is another BTS member that who is not only friends with the Epik High member but also has collaborated with him on a track. Tablo shared that he was so eager to work with RM that he said yes to the collaboration without even listening to the song.

Epik High Tablo Didn’t Listen To BTS RM’s Song Before Agreeing To Collaborate — His Explanation Proves What Kind Of Artist RM Is

A close friendship like the one between Tablo and the BTS members is bound to have funnier anecdotes, and Tablo is not shy to share them with fans. Few years ago, Tablo was on the discord server of DIVE Studios for his podcast, and he shared a funny story of his interaction with Suga and RM. With Tablo’s upcoming appearance on Suchwita, the story is recirculating on social media again.

Tablo once called up Suga to ask for his suggestion about which female vocalist to approach for an Epik High song he was working on at that time. During the call, Suga was with all the BTS members, and RM probably heard the question and yelled out, “Is there any female vocalist left that Epik High hasn’t worked with?”

Fans found it amusing that Tablo has such a tight-knit relationship with the BTS members to not only ask for advice about music but also for them to joke around with him despite being his juniors. Also, people can’t disagree that Epik High does love to collect female collaborations like infinity stones. From IU to Lee Hi to CL to Hwasa, their collaboration roster is always full of badass women!