Here Is Eric Nam Fanboying Over SHINee For 3-Minutes Straight On His Podcast

Can someone please get SHINee on his show!

On a recent episode of DIVE Studio‘s K-Pop Daebak w/ Eric Nam, Eric Nam looked at all the biggest comebacks that happened in February.

Eric could not speak about this without talking about SHINee‘s recent comeback with their track “Don’t Call Me.”

What started as a look at all the achievements SHINee has accomplished during this comeback, many fans thought turned into “Eric Nam fanboying over SHINee for three-minutes straight!”

It started with Eric imitating the classic catchphrase “SHINee’s Back!” as he listed everything the group has achieved this comeback, including topping the charts across the world.

Throughout, Eric could not hide excitement about “Don’t Call Me” because he knows that the members of SHINee are the Kings of K-Pop!

Eric went on to say praise SHINee for their career and explained that their choreography and songs are “catchy.” He even added that “View” is one of his all-time favorite K-Pop songs, which shows that he has pure taste!

With all this love for SHINee, Eric had to put something out into the universe.

He explained how he is willing to give up his spot as the host on his podcast for an opportunity to have SHINee on his show! Fans can only imagine how fun and chaotic it will be to have all five idols in one room!

As passionate as Eric was about the idea, fans in the comments could not hide their excitement at SHINee possibly coming on Nam’s show!

  • “I would literally give anything to see SHINee interactions with Eric on his podcast; that would be so, so fun!”
  • “Lol eric nam about to just give away his whole podcast to shinee.”
  • “GET SHINEE ON THIS OMG! Ok, but for real Eric, your shawol is showing. I can’t blame u tho, stan legends for clear skin, everyone.”

Can someone please make this happen because the world needs Eric Nam x SHINee interactions!


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