Eric Nam Reveals That The Famous Inkigayo Sandwich Is Now Gone

Now how will idols exchange numbers?

On Eric Nam‘s podcast K-Pop Daebak, he revealed that the famous Inkigayo sandwiches have been removed by SBS.

The sandwich made headlines when it was revealed that idols would use the sandwich to sneak in their numbers and give to another idol they had feelings for.

Idols have also raved about how much they love the sandwich in general. Many idols have shared photos of them with their sandwich, like SEVENTEEN.

They are now long gone though, according to Eric Nam

Well, apparently, they got rid of it.

He claims to not know why they removed it. He also mentions that a lot of convenience stores sell their own versions of the Inkigayo sandwich, but it isn’t the same as the original.

He said he tried to get one recently and was saddened to hear that they were gone. Now how will idols exchange numbers?

Eric Nam