Apink’s Eunji breaks down in tears after painful performance

Apink Eunji‘s tears after her performance on MBC‘s Duet Song Festival show her incredibly mature and selfless side.

In a recent episode of MBC’s Duet Song Festival, Apink’s Eunji went up to the stage to perform a duet with her non-celebrity partner, Yoo Hye Sun.

They decided to sing MC the Max‘s “Wind That Blows”, and their incredibly powerful voices complimented each other and were in perfect harmony throughout the whole performance.

However, just after the first chorus, Eunji began tearing up as she previously expressed in the episode that she wasn’t confident in their upcoming performance due to a back injury she sustained late last month.

Fortunately, the doctor’s diagnosis stated that it wasn’t a serious injury, and that plenty of rest would help her recover. However, Eunji’s back pains limited her from showing her full potential in the duet performance, and therefore she couldn’t help but shed some apologetic tears.

“This isn’t just my stage, but it felt like I was ruining Hye Sun’s too, so I felt bad.”

— Eunji (Apink)

Although they lost the round against Yook Joong Hwan and his partner by a mere 6 points, Eunji’s and Hye Sun’s outstanding chemistry and consideration for each other were the true winners of the show.

Watch Eunji’s full performance below:


Source: Kookmin Ilbo