Here Is Every Song PRISTIN’s Sungyeon Has Worked On Since PRISTIN Disbanded

You’ve definitely heard at least a couple of these tunes.

Many people had great expectations when PRISTIN debuted in 2017, and those were only amplified when the group went on to win several new artist awards at the year-end ceremonies. Unfortunately, those hopes were dashed when the group disbanded just 2 years later, and almost all of the members left Pledis Entertainment.

Former member Shannon (also known as Sungyeon) was one of the only members to continue on with Pledis Entertainment. Since disbandment, she has been quite busy on the songwriting side of the industry. These are all the songs she’s worked on since PRISTIN disbanded.

1. “Mulgogi”- fromis_9

As fromis_9‘s music and creative direction has been handled by Pledis Entertainment since the group’s beginning, it’s only natural that Shannon would have written a song for them. This tune from My Little Society is the first she worked on for the group.

2. “Apollo 11” – Jamie

Artist Jamie (also known as Jimin Park), formerly under JYP Entertainment, made her solo debut in 2015. This track worked on by Sungyeon was her second release after departing JYP Entertainment and signing to Warner Music Korea.

3. “Why Don’t We” – Rain

Having debuted before the 21st century has even begun, Rain is by far the most senior artist Shannon has helped produce a song for. This song featuring Chungha (also known as CHUNG HA) was the title track in his most recent album, Pieces by Rain.

4. “Airplane Mode” – fromis_9

Shannon also contributed to the composition on this track on fromis_9’s 2021 album 9 Way Ticket.

5. “WA DA DA” – Kep1er

The group resulting from Mnet‘s Girls Planet 999Kep1er are easily one of the most anticipated rookie girl groups of the year. Shannon flexed her composition and lyrical abilities in the production of the title track on their debut mini album, the music video for which has already accrued over 50 million views in under a month.

6. “Ruby” – Woozi

SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi is known as a genius song producer, but that’s not to say he is a machine who does it all by himself. For the release of his first solo title “Ruby,” a song that is 100% in English, Shannon surely gave him quite a hand in writing the lyrics.

7. “0g” – fromis_9

Of course, Shannon has continued to produce songs for fromis_9, including this tune from their most recent album, Midnight Guest. Now that fromis_9 is managed solely by Pledis Entertainment, it is likely that Shannon will contribute to more of their songs in the future!

Though she has not had an official artist debut under the company, Shannon did release two songs of her own last year, “Chicken” and “Rapunzel.” Both can be listened to on her YouTube channel, Shannon Bae.

| @shannonsybae/Instagram

We look forward to seeing what sorts of songs Shannon will write in the future, and can’t wait to hear more of her music!

Source: K-Pop Wiki


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