Hani Makes A Heartbreaking Confession About EXID On An Episode Of “Miss Back”

Hyerin empathizes with Hani

It’s been recently made news that EXID‘s Hyerin would be making a guest appearance on girl group revival program Miss Back. With her appearance, fellow EXID members also an appearance which excited fans.

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Since news of all the members’ departures from their label, fans haven’t been able to see the girls’ faces on variety shows but it looks like Miss Back got you covered. While member Junghwa was not present, the rest of the girls can be seen enjoying a meal together while they talk about their lives. It was during their conversation that Hani made a sad but honest confession about her new life going solo.

I don’t have a lot of things to smile about anymore since I’m promoting alone. I don’t have anyone to share things with anymore.

— Hani

To which Hyerin expressed her empathy by sharing,

After realizing I have no one to share or be next to me, I fell into a state of panic. And then I realized that there is no one who will fill my lack of skills when I’m on stage. I’m determined to do this but it’s terrifying to think about standing on the stage alone.

— Hyerin

After hearing her concerns, the other members lightened the mood by giving Hyerin some comedic advice.

There’s no need to be good! Just have fun!

— Hani and LE

They continued on by poking fun at themselves and the memories of when they made mistakes on stage in the past.

It’s okay if things go wrong. I mean, how many times have we ruined our stages?

— LE and Hani

While we miss seeing these goofy girls on stage, we’re grateful that they made an appearance on Miss Back even if it was a quick one. If you want to see more of their interactions, catch the November 12th episode of Miss Back on MBN.

Source: Nate and Tistory


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