EXID’s Hani And Jeonghwa Showered Solji With Support As She Made Her Solo Debut

Hani and Jeonghwa couldn’t stop showering their leader with love and support:

After 14 years in the music industry, EXID‘s leader and main vocalist Solji made her long-awaited debut as a solo artist on July 9 with the release of her new single album Because It Happens To Be Raining Today and title track “Rains Again”.

Following her successful debut, Solji has begun promotions and recently performed her title track for the first time on Inkigayo where she received a lot of love and support from Hani and Jeonghwa!

On July 12, when Solji headed to Inkigayo to perform “Rains Again”, Hani and Jeonghwa surprised her backstage. Through a series of Instagram stories, they shared just how proud they are of their leader.

| @soul.g_heo/Instagram

Hani kicked things off by sharing a pic of Solji getting ready to head on stage before following it up with a picture of Jeonghwa in full fan mode capturing Solji’s entire stage performance!

| @ahnhani_92/Instagram
| @ahnhani_92/Instagram

Jeonghwa, meanwhile, shared several clips from the video she had captured including one showcasing her favorite part of Solji’s performance…

| @jeonghwa_0508/Instagram 

And a clip of Solji returning back to the dressing room with the biggest smile on her face!

| @jeonghwa_0508/Instagram  

Afterward, Solji headed to her own Instagram where she shared some sweet pictures the three of them took together and wrote, “Thanks to you guys, I was really happy today.  I love you.” Additionally, she added some more sweet words thanking Hani and Jeonghwa for going to cheer her on in the hashtags.

The cuteness didn’t end there, however. Shortly after Solji uploaded her post, Hani returned to Instagram to share one more story and shower Solji with even more love!

| @ahnhani_92/Instagram

Could they get any sweeter!

Check out Solji’s brand new song “Rains Again” for yourself below: