EXID’s Hani Sincerely Thanks Naver and Kakao for Getting Rid of the Comment Section

Hani opened up about how malicious comments affected her.

EXID‘s Hani recently appeared on YouTuber, LILKA‘s channel and talked about how she handles malicious comments online.


When one fan asked Hani how she maintains her mental health despite all the malicious comments, Hani explained just how easy it was to see the comments even if she didn’t want to.

I don’t want to see the comments, but I can’t help it. Back in the day, you could see the comments just by scrolling down once from the article.

– Hani

But she shared that things got a lot better recently and thanked portal sites such as Naver and Kakao for helping celebrities out.

But you can’t see them anymore. I’m so thankful that netizens can’t put comments on articles anymore. Thank you very much!

– Hani

Hani then went on to explain why the malicious comments gave her such a hard time.

I was okay, but when I thought about how my mom and dad could see the malicious comments, too, I felt really upset.

– Hani

According to Hani, there’s really only one way to protect one’s mental health from malicious comments.

Just don’t look at them. I don’t know why people leave comments like that. They’re horrible people.

– Hani

During the interview, Hani was also asked if she would become an idol if she was born again, to which she responded, “I don’t know about idol, but I’d want to be a part of EXID again.

Following Sullis passing later last year, Daum decided to shut down their comment sections in their articles, followed by the same action of Naver.

Although celebrities still suffer malicious comments online, Hani confirms that such measures are certainly helping them to ignore them as much as possible.

Check out the full interview below:


Source: Dispatch