Baekhyun’s Birthday Celebrations Took Over An Entire Building And It Was Breathtaking

Fans created a very special surprise for Baekhyun’s birthday:

EXO-Ls have been celebrating Baekhyun‘s birthday in full force, making him trend on Twitter, sending him lots of birthday wishes, and simply celebrating some of the amazing things about him!


But celebrations weren’t just online, they happened in real life too! This year, Baekhyun became the first idol ever to feature on Goyang Starfield’s LED screen


Took over subway stations…


And CGV theaters!


Perhaps most impressive of all, however, was Baekhyun’s full-building display in Dubai!


The impossible to miss display was played at the Dubai Festival City mall and was organized by Baekhyun’s Chinese fan union, Baekhyunbar, to give love not only to Baekhyun but also to Arab EXO-Ls!


The giant building turned screen showed a number of clips of Baekhyun all to the beat of EXO-CBX’s “Blooming Days”.


EXO-Ls everywhere have been loving the giant celebratory advertisement and is it really any wonder?


With so much love for Baekhyun, his 27th birthday is sure to be one to remember!