27 Reasons Why EXO’s Baekhyun Deserves All The Love In The World

In honor of Baekhyun’s 27th birthday, here are 27 reasons why he deserves all the love!

EXO‘s Baekhyun has turned another year older, and fans all over the world are celebrating his birthday his 27th (28 in Korean age) birthday! So to further celebrations, here are 27 of the infinite number of reasons why Baekhyun deserves all the love on his birthday and every other day too!


1. Baekhyun is extremely talented! His honey vocals can make anyone melt…


2. His dance moves will leave you breathless…


3. And he’s even an accomplished rapper!

Although we don’t get to hear his rap skills very often, there’s no doubt that Baekhyun can spit some serious fire!


4. Baekhyun has an amazing sense of humor…


5. And his Beagle Line status is legendary!


6. His smile is a pure ray of sunshine


7. Even though he likes to tease his members…


8. He loves them with his whole heart!


9. Not to mention how much he loves EXO-L too!


10. He isn’t afraid to speak up about things he doesn’t like

Baekhyun has never been shy about calling out sasaengs for their rude and dangerous behavior like the time he called them out after getting mobbed at the airport on his personal vacation time.


11. His big heart means he always comforts anyone when they need it


12. He’s the king of abstract drawing

Fans absolutely love it when they get a chance to see Baekhyun’s drawing skills even if they sometimes keep them guessing!


13. Not to mention he’s got major skills when it comes to gaming


14. He’s the purest puppy…


15. And yet, he can easily switch to full-on sexy mode!


16. His visuals are ridiculously amazing…


17. And yet with all his talent and good looks, he still stays so humble!


18. Baekhyun is a successful clothing designer

Baekhyun is the co-creative director of the Privé by BBH collection and is directly involved with designing each and every piece from the collection!


19. And an accomplished actor


20. He’s great with kids too!


21. Although he sometimes teases fans…


22. His fanservice is unparalleled

When one young fan approached Baekhyun, he made sure the fan had a good experience! There’s absolutely no doubt that Baekhyun loves his fans and although he might tease them, he always makes sure they have a smile on their face when he’s around!


23. He easily makes friends with everyone around him

His bright and bubbly personality make Baekhyun extremely approachable and it wouldn’t be surprising to know that he’s made friends with everyone inside and outside of the industry!


24. And whenever he appears on a variety show, you know you’re in for a treat


25. Baekhyun is the king of trending for unexpected reasons

Baekhyun has trended for everything from dying his hair to wearing cute kitty headphones!


26. He’s got the hearts of his fellow EXO members…

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27. And all of us too!