EXO’s Baekhyun Had An Entire Conversation With EXO-L Without Saying A Word

No words needed:

The bond between EXO and EXO-L is so strong that words aren’t necessary to express love between them. Their bond is so strong that Baekhyun just had an entire conversation with EXO-L without saying a single word.

Last month, Suho posted a touching Instagram story that immediately became a symbol of support and love. Suho’s message read, “Our relationship is now at a point where we don’t have to speak because a hand sign is enough to know everything.

While Suho’s message has already proven itself to be true, Baekhyun took things to a new level with his latest Instagram post. In his post, Baekhyun simply showed the shadow of his hand but that was enough.

Giving a total of four hand signs, EXO-Ls immediately knew what Baekhyun was telling them, “Hello, EXO-L. I love you. Okay!”

Since Baekhyun first posted his message, it’s been deeply touching everyone’s heart.

Baekhyun wasn’t the only EXO member, however, to warm hearts with some hand signs. During Suho’s recent livestream, he also sent EXO-Ls a message of love through them!

With this, Baekhyun and Suho both reaffirmed just how strong the bond between EXO and EXO-L really is!