EXO-Ls Are Going Wild Adding A Yellow Polka Dot Raincoat To All Of Baekhyun’s Pictures

Baekhyun is all ready for a rainy day!

EXO-Ls have been known to go a little wild online and add all sorts of interesting additions to EXO‘s pictures. In the past, they’ve done everything from transporting Suho into the heart of movies to fast-forwarding time and turning EXO into grandpas! This time, however, they’re adding one special feature to all of Baekhyun‘s photos.


Korean EXO-Ls recently started off the unique edits when they discovered the raincoat filter on the SNOW app. And once discovered, well, there was simply no going back!


EXO-Ls everywhere started adding the yellow polka dot raincoat filter to any and every Baekhyun photo they could find…


Simply because it was so cute!


Many fans have also been marveling over the fact that when Baekhyun hs the filter on, well, it’s just like the baby filter all over again! His youthful aura jumps out with the polka dot accessory.


And as the raincoat filter keeps on giving us all these amazing Baekhyun edits, EXO-Ls have also started giving the rest of EXO rain jacket makeovers and they look amazing too!