EXO Baekhyun’s Face Looks Totally Different In The Morning And At Night And Here’s Why

From adorable to sexy!

EXO‘s Baekhyun is gaining attention for the difference in his facial features from early morning to later in the day. Although he’s absolutely adorable either way, fans have deduced that the singer faces a similar case as to TWICE‘s Sana. Both idols are prone to swelling in the face – a common occurrence actually!

Here’s how Baekhyun different he can look. Although his makeup and hair does play a difference as well, one can tell how much his facial swelling has gone down.

| pann

Similarly, on another day, here’s how he looks at the start of his schedule compared to an hour later.

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One’s face tends to swell especially right after we get up in the morning. Usually it takes a few hours for it to go down completely, but idols can always take measures to reduce swelling. TWICE’s makeup artist has revealed that drinking coffee can help reduce swelling. Try it out for yourself!

Source: pann