EXO-Ls Have Discovered Chanyeol’s Baby Look-Alike And He’s Taking The Fandom By Storm

Fans can’t get enough of his baby doppelganger:

Over the years, EXO-Ls have discovered adorable kid counterparts for Kai, Baekhyun, Sehun, Lay, and Chen. Their baby doppelgangers have, like EXO, completely stolen fans’ hearts with their unbelievably similar looks, facial expressions, and personality traits. Now, there’s one new look-alike that has been stealing hearts right and left!

Photos of an adorable baby boy named Xiao Tang Yuan have recently taken over the internet not only because he’s incredibly cute…

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But also because he looks a lot like Chanyeol!

Even down to the dimple, Xiao Tang Yuan has the same mega-watt smile that Chanyeol does…

Exudes the same swag while still being too cute to handle…

Has an extra playful personality…

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And spreads lots and lots of happiness just like Chanyeol!

With so many similarities between the two, it’s no wonder fans simply can’t get enough of baby Xiao Tang Yuan!

Source: Weibo