EXO’s Chanyeol Had The Cutest Reaction When Baekhyun Didn’t Pick Up His Call

Chanyeol was sure his call would go through!

We all have that one friend who always seems to pick up your phone call whenever you call except for the one time you really want them to pick up. For EXO‘s Chanyeol, that person is Baekhyun! Recently, Chanyeol encountered this particular problem when he attempted to call Baekhyun during his SM Super Idol League broadcast!

In between playing games and interacting with fans, Chanyeol wanted to give a call to one of his members during the stream. Knowing that Baekhyun is normally pretty good about picking up all his calls, Chanyeol decided that’s exactly who he’d call!

Image: SM Super Idol League 

After dialing up his number, Chanyeol waited for Baekhyun to pick up his call…and waited! As the seconds ticked by, Chanyeol began to realize things weren’t looking so good for his fun phone call with Baekhyun.

Image: SM Super Idol League 

When the call timed out, well, Chanyeol smiled softly before hilariously putting the blame on his own phone for the missed call!

Image: SM Super Idol League 

Maybe my phone is broken. My call can’t go through.

— Chanyeol

Meanwhile, fans were feeling all sorts of emotions seeing Chanyeol’s reaction! Some fans are feeling extra soft after witnessing his reactions…

While others simply couldn’t resist having a tiny bit of fun!

So even if Chanyeol’s phone call didn’t go quite as planned, his extra cute reaction has been lighting up everyone’s heart! And maybe next time, Chanyeol will have a little bit of better luck!