EXO’s Chanyeol Once Bought All Of The Members A Laptop And The Reason Is So Cute

A group that play games together, stays together

If you have something you like so much, you naturally want to share it with your loved ones and experience it together. Guess that’s what EXO’s Chanyeol felt when he bought all of his members a laptop to play a game together as a group.

Back in 2017, EXO members revealed Chanyeol once bought all of the members a brand new laptop because he wanted to play Playerknown’s Battleground with his members. Chanyeol believed sharing hobbies as a group will bring everyone closer together and build teamwork.

When Chanyeol was asked if the laptops were sponsored, he answered he bought everything with his personal credit card.

“I began playing this game with Kai and thought it would be so much fun if everyone played it together. So I asked the members to join us, but they didn’t laptops to play the game. They said they were going to start playing if they owned a laptop so I decided to buy one for each of them.

Chanyeol added he was worried that Suho will just keep the laptop without playing the game.

“I honestly thought Suho would not keep his words. I stacked the laptops together and left it in front of the door but he didn’t take it for 2 weeks. So I thought ‘Of course, he was all talk’, but he’s into the game more than anybody. He sometimes comes into my room to use my desktop to play the game when I’m not there.”

It seems like Chanyeol’s plans worked since all of the members got hooked on the game and began playing in teams. It’s amazing to see the length Chanyeol would take to play games with his members since it must have cost him a pretty penny to buy all of the laptops.

Source: News Town


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