EXO’s Chanyeol Cracked Everyone Up With His Sweet And Savage Response To A Fan’s Rental Question

Sweet and sassy!

Through the SM Super Idol League broadcasts, fans have been able to see even more sides to EXO‘s Chanyeol. They’ve witnessed everything from his adorable conversations with fans to his hilarious response to not getting through to his members and, although the season has officially wrapped up, EXO-Ls still can’t get over one particular interaction he had with a fan on the show!

During the Q&A segment of the April 22 broadcast, Chanyeol was reading through questions when one caught his attention. The fan had written in to tell Chanyeol that their rental contract had ended while inquiring whether or not they could stay in Chanyeol’s heart for the time being.

Image: SM Super Idol League

My rental contract has ended. Can I stay in your heart instead?

— Chanyeol, reading a fan’s comment

While Chanyeol sweetly let the fan know that they could stay in his heart, he hilariously added that the rent might be a little too expensive!

Image: SM Super Idol League

Ah, but the rent will be expensive if you live here.

— Chanyeol

Making things even funnier, during that particular broadcast fans described Chanyeol’s visuals as “expensive” as he was dressed in a suit, had his hair styled just so, and, like always, he’d brought his visual A-game.

Image: SM Super Idol League

Since that broadcast, fans have continued to crack up over Chanyeol’s sweet and yet oh-so-savage reply and have playfully promised to work hard so they can stay in Chanyeol’s heart!

You’ve got to love a sweet yet savage Chanyeol!

Image: SM Super Idol League