Korean Netizens Are Calling EXO’s Chanyeol A Gentleman And You Will Be Too

EXO-Ls think the title fits him.

EXO‘s Chanyeol is known for being a total sweetheart who loves his fellow members, his managers and staff, and EXO-Ls.


While he’s always making people’s hearts glow with his sweet smiles…


And many kind acts…

Netizens Are Going Crazy Over EXO Chanyeol’s Heartwarming Action For A Fan


Chanyeol has just done something so heartwarming that Korean netizens have started to call Chanyeol a true gentleman.


Since cameras follow Chanyeol around a lot, he’s probably used to them by now but knows that not everyone wants to be caught in the picture with him. So when he saw a female staff member trying to stay out of the photographs…


He didn’t hesitate to use his own body to shield her from the photographers!


The simple act had already won over many hearts but fans were quick to point out this wasn’t the first time Chanyeol has protected others from the prying lens of a camera!


Chaneyeol had been spotted doing the same thing earlier this month when a staff member was surprised by the sudden attention and attempted to hide.


These kind acts have had a huge impact on Korean netizens who have started calling Chanyeol a true gentleman.

  • “I’m not an EXO fan but this is way too sweet.”

  • “This is making me cry. He’s really a gentleman. I’m so proud of him.”

  • “He’s really a good guy!”


And netizens from all around the world think it’s a title that fits him well.


There’s no denying that Chanyeol really is a sweetheart and a true gentleman!