EXO’s Chanyeol Told Kai He Was Handsome And Kai Couldn’t Disagree

Kai knows just how handsome he is!

EXO‘s Kai doesn’t just have infinite amounts of talents and the biggest heart, he’s also got visuals for days…and he knows it!

Kai recently blessed us all by dropping a brand new selca on his Instagram account. Although Kai may have captioned his post with the words, “expressionless selca,” EXO-L everywhere were expressing their feelings at seeing such a heartstopping close-up of Kai!

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셀카는 무표정이지

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With Kai and his heart-fluttering post making everyone swoon hard, it didn’t take long for EXO’s resident Instagram comment king, Chanyeol, to make an appearance!

Soon after Kai’s photo went up, Chanyeol popped over to Instagram and dropped a comment about Kai’s handsomeness.

Kai, meanwhile, wasn’t about to fight Chanyeol over his comment! Shortly after Chanyeol posted on the photo, Kai hilariously complimented Chanyeol for his excellent observation!

So if Kai knows he’s handsome, does that also mean he knows exactly what he does to all our hearts?