EXO’s Choreographer Revealed Just How Difficult Chanyeol’s “Obsession” Moves Really Are

Chanyeol’s opening moves are the hardest of all:

Although EXO make performing “Obsession” look like it’s one of the easiest things in the world, it definitely isn’t! To perfectly reflect all the power and intensity of EXO’s vocals and rap skills, the choreography to the song is one of their hardest. In fact, Mihawk, a top choreographer and dancer who has worked with EXO for years, recently revealed just how hard the choreography really is, especially Chanyeol‘s opening moves.

Mihawk recently opened up a Q&A session on Instagram where he answered all sorts of questions from fans including one asking if there were any EXO choreographies there were particularly difficult.

In response, Mihawk chose “Obsession” as being the most difficult because of the physical demands of the choreography. Additionally, Mihawk also mentioned one of the hardest moves in “Obsession” — Chanyeol’s “rising up” action at the beginning of the song which requires him to spring up from an awkward laying position.

EXO themselves had previously revealed that Chanyeol was the only one who was able to perform the move and opened up about how taxing it was on him. While their words already proved just how difficult it was, Mihawk admitted that Chanyeol’s “spring” action is so difficult that even he can’t do it!

‘Obsession’.. It’s physically demanding, especially Chanyeol’s rising part. Even I can’t do it. It’s only possible with Chanyeol’s passion.

Only with Chanyeol’s passion and skills can the impossible move become possible! Watch Chanyeol perform the move in EXO’s “Obsession” dance practice below: