EXO’s Chanyeol Had One Amusing Question For Sehun After Seeing His Instagram Post

EXO-Ls really want to know Sehun’s answer:

When EXO‘s Chanyeol heads over to Sehun‘s Instagram page, fans know they are in for a wild ride. He’s been caught doing everything from scolding Sehun to teasing him about his spelling! Fans have fallen in love with their hilarious Instagram interactions, including their latest one.


Sehun recently posted a photo of himself sitting casually in a twilight scape with a simple “child” caption. Fans instantly fell in love with the photo and the whole aesthetic Sehun showed in it!

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Meanwhile, Chanyeol had his own reaction to the picture! When Chanyeol saw the post he simply couldn’t resist teasing the maknae and had one interesting question for him. He wanted to know if he was naked!


Chanyeol’s unique question to Sehun immediately caused a whole lot of laughter from EXO-Ls. And of course, everyone wants to know what Sehun’s answer will be! Will he go full sassy maknae on his hyung or tease EXO-Ls instead?


While the answer is still unknown there is one thing that fans do know, that Chanyeol and Sehun are an unstoppable and hilarious duo!