EXO Couldn’t Stop Cracking Up While Cheering On “Stage K” Contestants And It’s Pure NG Heaven

Their “old-fashioned” cheer had them roaring with laughter:

JTBC recently dropped their mini-interview with EXO ahead of their Stage K appearance set for June 9. During the interview, they answered everything from their favorite choreography to their least favorite and offered words of encouragement to the contestants on the show…which led to a whole lot of laughter!


When asked if they had any words of encouragement for the Stage K challengers, Baekhyun quickly stepped in and offered up some words telling fans not to be nervous and to be careful on stage.

I can imagine how nervous they must feel having to perform on stage in front of us. Please relax! You could get injured if you’re too tense! Just show us what you’ve been doing! We hope you’ll enjoy the time on stage together with us!

— Baekhyun


Next Suho also added in some words of encouragement while telling them to simply have fun!

Enjoy your performance and also make wonderful memories out of this experience! Please take it easy! Remember, you guys, relax!

— Suho


While the individual encouraging remarks went fine when they decided to do one final “fighting” cheer for the contestants…


They couldn’t help cracking up over their “old-fashioned” sounding sign off! And when they tried it again, well, more laughter followed!


They continued lol-ing over their cheer and even cracked a few jokes about it!

It’s like we’re still living in the early 2000s!

— Kai


But eventually, they were able to keep a straight long enough to deliver one last cheer for the challengers!


Check out the hilariously cute moment, as well as many more, in the video below!