EXO’s D.O.’s Thoughtful Answers In Recent Q&A Showcases His True Personality

His answers show why he is so universally loved!

EXO‘s D.O. (also known as Kyungsoo) is known to be well-loved by fans for his kind and thoughtful personality.

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D.O. was discharged from the military in January of 2021 and has had a packed schedule since. The talented singer and actor has two films set to be released this year, The Moon and Unspeakable Secrets, as well as the drama True Sword Battle.

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D.O. took a chance to unwind from his busy schedule with his appearance on Discovery Channel Korea‘s Off The Grid. The unscripted reality show follows stars for three days and two nights as they embark on a solo road trip. Discovery Channel Korea has been uploading snippets of the idol’s appearance on their official YouTube channel, including this video of D.O. showcasing his vocal talent while behind the wheel.

A recently uploaded Q&A video shows D.O. answering a series of questions to determine his “travel MBTI” and his thoughtful answers show why he is universally loved.

He started the clip by explaining why he chose to appear on Off The Grid. He shared that he’s been so busy since being discharged from the military that he “just wanted to get away.” 

D.O. recently turned 29, but his Korean age is 30. When asked how turning 30 made him feel, he thoughtfully responded that he hasn’t noticed a difference and will continue to have fun and live in the moment.

He also gave an insightful response to whether he likes to update his friends with his travels or keep the memories to himself. He said he prefers to keep his memories in his heart but jokingly said he would share if it came to important information or recommendations about food.

D.O. disclosed that if he weren’t a celebrity, he would want to be a Chef for the satisfaction of making food that is enjoyed by his guests.

Although he revealed he prefers spending time alone, his answers surrounding the support of those close to him show just how considerate D.O. is.

When asked if he prefers to plan his trips or go with the flow, he answered that he prefers to stick to an itinerary. That makes his answer to the next question even more heartwarming when he said if his friend felt tired on a trip, he would insist they take a break and get some rest.

He then shared that if his friend wanted to buy a trip souvenir that others might consider useless, he would encourage them as long as the purchase made them happy.

Through his gracious answers, D.O.’s travel MBTI type was determined to be ISFJ. ISFJ types are known for being “diligent and kind,” which perfectly suits the respected idol.

To watch the full interview, you can check out the clip below!

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