Longtime EXO Fan Meets Kai During Her Honeymoon And Their Interaction Is Everything

Kai knew she was a fan because of a subtle hint!

On the most recent episode of tvN‘s Honeymoon Tavern, one particular couple stood out amongst the rest for a special fan-ship that the wife had. The adorable segment begian with a close-up shot of a female, who had a noticeably difficult time keeping her head up while eating her meal.

Still from “Honeymoon Tavern” | tvN

After a few minutes, her husband shared with the celebrity cast of Honeymoon Tavern that the reason why his wife was so antsy was because of EXO‘s Kai!

My wife is a fan of you, Kai-sshi.

— Husband

This sudden proclamation made Kai blush with gratefulness!

The wife, who was ecstatic to be in the same room with her favorite idol, could not raise her head due to her shyness. In addition to that, her face turned completely red after her husband’s sudden confession.

Caption: “Her face is red.”

It was to this reaction that Kai responded with a sweet gesture for his longtime fan.

Should I turn around and sit instead? It can be burdensome so I can sit with my back to you, but I’ll look at you guys through the mirror!

— EXO’s Kai

The couple adamantly insisted that Kai just sit as he was, and it was here that the story unfolded of how they came to Honeymoon Tavern.

We didn’t know that he [Kai] would be here when we first signed up for this show. We found out in the middle of it and I found out at work. I got so surprised so I called her and she pretty much just screamed.

— Husband

It was here that Kai actually shared that he had an inkling about her fanship from the beginning because of her purse.

The newlywed wife with Kai’s Gucci collaboration purse.

I saw your bag when you came in.

— EXO’s Kai

The significance behind this specific purse was because it was actually a collaboration that Kai did with Gucci! Naturally, he recognized it right away and pondered if there was any meaning behind the bag.

The newlywed wife shared her confession behind the bag and revealed that it was actually a gift from her husband.

To be honest, my husband bought it for me so that I could make my fanship obvious to you.

— Wife

What an adorable story! The husband truly should get an MVP award for supporting his wife’s love for Kai. Be sure to check out the entire clip down below.

Source: theqoo