EXO’s Kai Shares His Thoughts On The Future Of His Fans And His Words Are Touching

It’s all about the journey together!

For any K-Pop fan, they believe that the idols and groups that they love will always be a huge part of their lives. They spend hours listening to music, watching their favorite idols live, and organizing their photocard collection.

EXO‘s Kai recently appeared on Channel S‘s kid variety show Job Dongsan. He spoke about the impact that idols have on their fans and how fans move on from their bias’ over time.

For Kai, he believes that as an idol, he wants to treat fans and give them memories to last a lifetime.

I believe an idol is an occupation that gives great and happy memories to fans. I wish I could become a scenery and springtime for my fans.

— Kai

However, he also acknowledged how fast-paced the world of K-Pop is with new groups debuting and older idols starting new chapters in their career. In particular, he pointed out that this is relevant to fans and their changing lives.

The fans can stop being fans due to their life circumstances, such as getting married or having a job.

— Kai

As expected, Kai ended on a sweet note, explaining that he would continue to work his hardest in the industry for those fans, even if they might leave the fandom in the future.

When they remember me again (even when they’re not fans anymore), I wish they can remember me with happy memories and remember me like a warm, good springtime.

— Kai

For any fan, it is hard to imagine a life without K-Pop being a permanent part of their daily routine. Luckily, idols like Kai are out there to ensure that, if fans ever move on from their love of K-Pop, there will be fond memories to look back on.

You can watch the whole clip below.

Source: 8ty8 and FI


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