EXO’s Kai Left EXO-L Feeling Confused AF After He Said He Was Afraid Of The Rain

“He is afraid of rain but not horror movies. I don’t understand you, Kim Jongin but I still love you.”

There are a lot of different phobias and fears people can suffer from. Plenty of idols have actually opened up about their specific fears but none of their fears has confused fans quite as much as EXO Kai‘s.

Staying connected using an online community called Lysn, Kai recently left a message for fans that immediately had everyone scratching their heads. Commenting on the recent rainy weather, Kai wrote that he found the rain that day a little scary.

A fear of rain, also known as Ombrophobia or Pluviophobia, is actually a pretty common anxiety disorder that can affect both kids and adults alike. But it wasn’t so much Kai’s confession about finding the rain a little scary that had fans feeling so confused.

Image: Anant Jain/Unsplash

Kai is well-known for being completely unshakable when it comes to things like horror movies. Movies like Annabelle and The Conjuring? Yeah, they’re no problem for Kai. In fact, he even described them as a movie about a “cute baby doll” and as a “fun and healing” movie respectively!

Knowing that Kai isn’t phased by such creepy flicks but found the rain a bit scary has fans stunned. Since he posted the comment, EXO-Ls have been trying to wrap their heads around the information.

But even though fans were left feeling incredibly confused, EXO-Ls can’t help but find Kai even cuter after his confession!