Ha Sungwoon’s Reaction To EXO Kai’s Request For Millions Of Dollars Was Absolutely Priceless

That’s what friends are for, right?

What’re a few million dollars between friends? Well, between EXO‘s Kai and Ha Sungwoon it’s a recipe for a whole lot of banter and hilarity!


The padding squad is back at it again! Kai, SHINee‘s Taemin, HOTSHOT‘s Timoteo, VIXX‘s Ravi, and Ha Sungwoon have recently been taking a little rest and relaxation together in the Philippines.


Rest and relaxation aren’t all these friends got up to on vacation, however! Ha Sungwoon recently posted a number of pictures of their time together on his Instagram page and while fans are falling in love with all the photos, it’s the comments underneath a few of them that have been catching even more attention!


First, Sungwoon showed off a stunning photo of himself from above taken for him by Kai.


After giving credit to Kai for the photo, hilarity quickly ensued between the two! Kai noticed the mention and joked about the price of his services.

Each photo is 10 billion, 2 photos are 20 billion.

— Kai


In response, Sungwoon asked for a discount between friends which prompted Kai to quickly come back with his own deal!

Sir that is too expensive! Please negotiate with me!

— Ha Sungwoon

Alright. It’s a sale! Each photo for 20 billion and 2 photos for 40 billion!

— Kai


But Sungwoon wasn’t impressed with Kai’s offer and called him out for his “discount.”

That’s what you call a discount? You’re a swindler who will say 100 billion is cheaper!  Careful!

— Sungwoon


The joking between the two friends on the single photo was already beyond cute but that wasn’t the end of it! Soon after that photo went up, Sungwoon uploaded another photo that was taken by Kai…


And once again Kai asked him for a little cash for his job well done. Sungwoon, however, wasn’t having any of it! He called Kai out for “deceiving” him before Kai countered once again! But again, Kai had the tables turned on him with Sungwoon dishing out a little bit more sass!

“You should give me one hundred billion for this artistic photo.” — Kai

“Wait, 17 seconds ago you said it would be cheap! You also said that you would give me a discount. It’s fraud!” — Sungwoon

“Because you said that it’s fraud, you have to pay one trillion!” — Kai

“Wait a minute…The model is worth one trillion! You are a bit too much, sir.”  — Sungwoon



Their adorable banter continued onto Kai’s page when Kai posted this photo with the caption, “Each photo is worth 10 billion“…


To which Sungwoon replied, “This place is expensive…be careful…”


Perhaps Kai’s pricing had to do with the photo of Ravi he took that made everyone thank him! Regardless, the hilarious exchange between the two friends has been cracking everyone up and proves their friendship is as strong as ever! 


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