EXO’s Kai Was A Whole Mess After Hearing Suho’s Heartfelt Message To The Team

He’s the team’s biggest crybaby!

On December 31, 2019, EXO held the final encore EXplOration concert in Seoul — and here, the team got to share words of gratitude for each other before the decade ended.


When the leader Suho began to thank each member for having stayed strong together for an entire decade and more, Kai simply could not hold himself together anymore.


And he, known to have one sensitive and emotional soul, bawled his eyes out by the time Suho called out his name. So full of feelings, Kai playfully threw a tantrum at Suho for making him cry on stage!

Suho: And my dear Kai… Why are you crying? What’s wrong?
Kai: Why are we doing this!
Suho: Just be cool about it.
Kai: Why are you saying all these things!
Suho: Well, because 2019 is coming to an end…
Kai: Stop this right now!
Suho: And I’m turning 30 so…
Kai: Why would you do this!

Suho embraced all of Kai, including his crybaby tears, and sent him the most wholesome, warmest message…

Kai looks like a chic-sexy, tough guy on the outside, on stage… but I know he’s a softie at heart. I think he’s the softest out of all the members. Sehun is pretty soft, but Kai is softer. This year, Kai gave me a lot of good advice. Though he is younger than I am, he helped me through some of my darkest times. His words gave me good support this year, and for that I am incredibly thankful.

— Suho


… which didn’t help a single bit with stopping Kai’s waterworks. Here’s Kai, after he had completely given up on holding back the tears:


EXO-Ls can’t get enough of Kai the Crybaby — and his most UWU relationship with Suho!


Suho wasn’t the only one who made Kai cry at this concert though. Chanyeol gave Kai the feels too — in fact, he made us all ugly cry with his surprise video! Read more about Chanyeol’s most sincere event for his teammates here:

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Source: THEQOO