EXO-Ls Are Coming With Receipts To Prove Kai Is A Pure Work Of Art


By now everyone should know about EXO Kai‘s legendary performance at 2018 SBS Gayo Daejeon, after all, it did go majorly viral…


Caused all sorts of love declarations online…

Korea Still Can’t Get Over EXO’s Gayo Daejeon “Love Shot” Performance


And continues to wow everyone today!

EXO Kai’s Gayo Daejeon Performance Is Still Reigning Supreme With Love From Insight Korea


But that isn’t the only thing that has continued to wow. Right around the time that Kai gave his performance, EXO-Ls started a new hashtag, #JonginIsArt, and made it trend worldwide to show even more appreciation for the idol.


While they certainly poured out all their love and appreciation for Kai’s talents at the time…


They haven’t slowed down one bit!


Like his dance performance, the #JonginIsArt hashtag is still going strong with a whole lot of love and appreciation!