Everyone Is Convinced That EXO’s D.O. Might Not Be Human, Here’s Why

Those moves are just way too powerful!

Although EXO-Ls already know that the members of EXO came from a different planet than our own, they’ve found even more proof that D.O. has powers beyond those of an ordinary human!


D.O.’s official EXO powers may have to do with controlling Earth…


But it’s his extraordinary tap dancing abilities that have convinced everyone he’s got some major skills.


As you all know, D.O. learned to tap dance for his latest role in “Swing Kids” and his moves are absolutely stunning!


Fans recently were pleasantly surprised to see that New Media had released a clip of D.O. dancing to David Bowie’s “Modern Love”.


Seeing his stunning moves, it’s hard to believe that it took him only five months to learn his routines.


And that was in between a tour and a couple of comebacks!

Not to mention D.O. revealed on Knowing Brothers it took him only about four months to learn the North Korean dialect for the role!


No wonder everyone is convinced that D.O. isn’t all human! Check out the “Swing Kids” clip below and prepare to be blown away by D.O.’s stunning moves.


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